To the North Shore:


August arrived on a cold and crisp breeze,
Though an air of obligations loomed at its end,
That’s when I first heard you call out my name
The comforting voice of an old family friend.

You said to drop everything and come north to heal
We’d lost two young men that we had loved so,
And try as we might we could not ourselves mend
With our hearts still aching and our feelings still low.

But you took us in and you gave us a bed,
With a fire built ready to give our hearts warmth,
And the sounds of your waters to lull us to sleep —
Nature’s healing touch that could help us go forth.

Your full moon greeted us on the very first night,
And your cleansing rain held off during the day,
Then you drew us a rainbow to ward off the pain,
Striking us with awe in your glistening bay.

I, with my lover, and our furry companion,
We walked down your beaches all covered in stone,
And we hiked through your wilderness, breathing with trees,
Making your North Shore a home of our own.

Now that I’m wrapped up in your cozy afghan
Soothed by the sailboat models here on your wall,
Let me thank you for this serene solitude —
A marvel of nature that’s by no means small.

Written by Melissa F. Kaelin
August 16, 2011


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