Talking to yourself in your sleep

So, here I am, starting a new blog, sitting at a brand new desk with all the frills. And though I am not quite sure exactly what I will end up writing in this blog, I am going to try my best to be honest.

After all, keeping a journal — while sometimes therapeutic — is like talking to yourself in your sleep. Slurs of half-formed thoughts flow onto the page in a fit of passion, and then what? Not only are you unaware of any point you made at the time, you’re also out of luck if you wanted any objective feedback.

This is what gives: In the last five years, I have managed to uproot myself from Ohio — where most of my family lives — move to Minnesota, get a job on the night desk writing and editing for small town newspapers, and transition to a career in marketing and communications at a private university.

The outlook is not too shabby, though there are some days where I wake up and feel as if I recognize little about the environment I live in.

Were inner circles always so difficult to infiltrate? Did I always apologize to people for little inconveniences? Have I always had this much stuff? Was it always this cold in the later months? And how did I not notice how excruciatingly short the days were as we approached the winter solstice?

From here, it appears that the most agreeable direction to go is up. These are the accomplishments I only dream about achieving some day:

• Freelance Writing — I long to see my name in lights, and to be published in one of those popular glossy magazines, of which I subscribe to a few.

• Graphic Design — What I wouldn’t do to incorporate my amateur design skills into a professional position someday. I had a taste of this at the newspaper, but only about 10,000 people would view my front page, and I wasn’t always on the editing desk.

• Publishing Poetry — The words just sort of flow out of me, especially in desperate situations. It seems only natural that they should flow to readers as well.

• Writing a Novel — As much as I love the little I know about graphic design, this is my dream job: To become a published writer, and to keep pumping them out as a source of primary income. I guess that means I need to write a book first, though.


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