Eight States

We tried a different route home from the car show in Indiana and headed north
through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, crossing the Mackinac Bridge in construction.

Summer got its way this week, with temperatures in the Twin Cities lingering in the 90’s and the atmospheric conditions pushing the “Feels Like” gauge over 100 degrees. Aside from the realization that Minnesota has some of the sharpest temperature swings in the state, the week gave me an excuse to hunker down inside and get some work done.

I cleaned our place, got my hair chopped off, did some baking, updated my resume, and got some serious writing done. I also spent some time thinking about the summer months and what has transpired since June. A lot.

My summer was one for travel. It included two long road trips east and a weekend visiting family by plane. It covered eight states, taking us to Colorado, then through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, and sending us up the spine of Michigan. It included a national park and a national lakeshore, and I don’t know how many thousand miles on my car.

The time I spent in each place was relatively short. Matt and I have adapted to spending little time in each place, trying to hit each destination on our travels. We even missed a few of the people we typically see! If you were hoping to see us, I’m sorry we missed you.

Though time may have been short, each step of the journey was meaningful to me.

All eight states
Weekend In Flight
MN – AZ – CO
The first flight took me to Denver, to spend an incredible weekend with extended family I haven’t seen in five years. It was so great to get to know everyone and really be part of the family, both there and in Michigan. After taking in a cousin’s wedding, Matt and I took the opportunity to be true to ourselves, to see art and nature in the West. It was such an enriching experience.

Road Trip #1
WI – IL – IN – MI – WI – MN
The second trip of the summer proved to be harder for me, but it was still an incredible journey. I reconnected with family friends, as they honored my stepfather Tom and my mother Paula after their death, with the Tom Bunsey All-American Gathering at a national antique car show in Indiana. The show was a huge success, but it was a tearjerker. I was so touched by the experience that I am still processing it, but I am sure I will write about it soon.

Road Trip #2
WI – IL – MI – IL – WI – MN
The third trip of the summer was the big one — the one Matt and I had been waiting for all year — as we had a chance to celebrate our wedding with our extended families in Michigan. We had such a great time, and we’re glad so many people could make it. We were fortunate to have so many people travel in from out of state to celebrate with us. For any family on the guest list who couldn’t make it, I am sure we will see you soon!

I feel like I have done so much this summer, I’ll never be able to catch up and write about it all. But I’ll try to recount a few unique stories for my blog.

Full speed ahead
With our summer travels complete, I am looking forward to a different kind of fall. I am submitting my poetry for publication and I have signed up to take a course on novel writing at The Loft Literary Center, a prestigious nonprofit for writers. There are even a few fun weekends in the works, and I can’t wait to experience each one of them!


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