Why writers write…

Long story short, I write all the time. I get paid to write for my day job, I write in my diary when I get home, and I write at just about every other chance I get, in order to release a river of ideas and observations.I recently heard two interviews with famous writers through Minnesota Public Radio, one being “Wits” with comedian John Hodgman and author Neil Gaiman, and the other being “Talking Volumes” with my favorite author of all time, Chuck Palahniuk.

The piece I came away with was this: Writers write because they have to.

I have always secretly believed that this is true. Of course, there are a great many reasons people may feel called to writing. Writing is not limited to any select population, and it does not discriminate against any individual who decides to try their hand. But I also believe there is a certain population of us who simply must write. It is embedded in our mind, it is coded in our DNA, or it courses through our blood.

Why writers write
We write because we must. We write because this is how we cope with our lives, because this is how we experience ourselves and the world that exists outside of us, because this is how we replenish our energy and sustain our own life source.

I feel called to writing in this way. And though I have started small by keeping a journal and writing articles and poetry, I hope that I can find the courage to approach this art form in the way that I long to.

As a born writer, I owe the world that at least. To test the limits of my creativity and attempt to leave my letter to the world.


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